FloodGate Systems FEMA Certification


To formulate a flood design for a building or project, FEMA zoning classification for the site location must be obtained. This will define what the code requirements are for floodprrofing (wet and dry) in that particular site location; or if the flood proofing is allowed at all.

FEMA Certification

In the event a building requires flood proofing, an elevation certificate for the site will be needed to confirm the vertical height requirement for flood protection. DFE is then called and calculated. The DFE for the building is further defined as the height to which all the load-bearing (walls/barriers) surfaces must be by code engineered to withstand the hydrodynamic and wind forces connected with a storm event.

Flood Certificate

Once the above information has been gathered, it will be necessary to complete the Flood Certificate. IT will include a section stating “the design professional of Records” that has been addressed all the requirements of the Flood Certificate.