Floodgate Systems Products

FloodGate Systems is your “one-stop-shop” for all your flood protection requirements. There is no single barrier or shield system to suit all flooding scenarios or site specific requirements. Flood Gate Systems carry a comprehensive range of products and systems that are very high efficiency, the very best available on the market today. Below is a complete list of products that will cover most applications.

Pedestrian Floor Door (Man Door)

This design looks and works essentially like a normal pedestrian door, however it has been internally reinforced and has a mechanical sealing mechanism housed with the frame giving leak free seal when fully closed. This means that the flood door is an active flood barrier at all times, day and night. This is ideal for flash flood and critical infrastructure location not to mention all those looking for critical flood protection.

This product can be custom made in either steel or aluminum to suit any single door opening with the internal seal elevations to accommodate the clients flood elevations. The flood door can be fitted with a range of door Hardware from standard panic bars to specialized locking hardware and small glass views ports, etc.

Puddle Panel

It is designed to be a quick reaction flood barrier system capable of withstanding low flooding. It is extremely effective in keeping flood water from entering doorways in a very quick and easy to install manner.
This design is a proprietary designed lightweight aluminum panel system that is edged with a thick rubber gasket that produces and excellent seal. When it comes into contact with stainless steel mounting plate that is permanently installed around the opening to be covered, it insures a seal regardless of the building surface type or condition. The mounting plate is fitted with small locating pins which automatically aligns the anchor screws. The anchor screws are fitted with large handles for ease of installation. The mounting plate then can be painted or powder coated to suit the building color, rendering it virtually invisible. Installation time for this barrier for either a single or double door is under 5 minutes even by a completely unskilled person.

Hinged Flood Gates:

The designs are similar to our panel barrier systems except they are permanently installed at the opening location, and are effectively stored in their open position. This system can be custom designed to suit any width opening within reason and can be supplied in either a single or two leaf configuration. For larger gates central support, wheels can be fitted for safety and ease of deployment. Once swung shut and locked, an effective seal is created with no further interaction required. Because this barrier is permanently installed and stored at the opening location, it only requires swinging it closed to be fully installed to offer a very low reaction time. This is critical in the face of a threatening flood event.
To reduce the aesthetic impact of this barrier the front surface of the gate can be colored or covered in a manner to suit or match the wall or structure it is mounted to.